I LOVE ME-Malayalam movie first Review

The underlying theme of 'I Love Me' is how Ram Mohan (Anoop Menon) changed the perception of three individuals who are self-centric. Ram Mohan is a business magnet in Bangkok. He acquaints Savio (Unni Mukundan) and Prem (Asif Ali) at Kochi.

Savio strongly loves money and lives for it. The only person he loves other than himself is his mother. Prem also dedicates his life to acquire more and more money. The only difference between them is that they both use different ways to get money. Ram Mohan very cunningly influences them and thus the three are at Bangkok. 

At Bangkok they come across a Malayalee girl Samanthika (Isha Talwar). They both started loving her. It is during this time that they come to realize certain truths about themselves. 

Unnikrishnan presents the movie in a very intriguing and entertaining manner. The movie explores certain novel phases of friendship. 

This is a multi star film with Anoop Menon, Unni Mukundan, and Asif Ali as heroes and Isha Talwar the unrivalled beauty in 'Thattathin Marayathu' as the heroine. Along with Vijayaraghavan and Vanitha, a foreign star is also cast in this movie.

B Unnikrishnan is trying to do different films, but this time he failed to deliver a good suspense thriller. Sethu's script contains lots of unwanted twists which makes the audience bluff. Some dialogues are not at all suitable for the characters in such a film which makes it cheap. The plus points are its stylish execution like a bollywood film and its background music by Deepak Dev. Anoop menon was great. Isha Talwar was beautiful, but the voice given to her was not at all suitable with her body language. On the whole, I LOVE ME is just a time-pass entertainer for watching the beauty of bangkok.

Vaishak Rajan produces the film under the banner of Vaishak Cinema. The story of the youth, their emotions and thoughts are depicted using limited number of characters. The screenplay is by Sethu. Deepak Dev tunes music for the lines of Hari Narayanan.



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